Most of us have our smartphones with us everywhere, including on the couch. The fact that your smartphone is always nearby makes the device a convenient item to be turned into a universal remote control for your TV. A new product called AnyMote is designed to turn your Android smartphone or other devices into a next generation universal remote.

AnyMote works with Android and iOS devices and supports over 800,000 different entertainment devices and other home automation hardware. AnyMote works with all InfraRed controllable electronics from TVs and amps to fans and power outlets.

The software and hardware device allows you to replace multiple remotes with one unit. The system has an AnyMote hardware puck that needs line of sight to the devices it is controlling. An app is launched on the smartphone giving access to any IR device you have in the home or office.

One of the cool features of AnyMote is that the app can be programmed to do things like mute all devices if the phone rings. Users can also create macros with the app making it easy to change between devices when needed. The project is seeking $50,000 and has raised $23,587 at the time of writing with 45 days to go. A pledge of $70 or more will get you the AnyMote Home with estimated delivery in June 2015. This certainly isn’t the first Android universal remote device that we have seen, we talked about the ThinkFlood universal remote system back in 2011.

SOURCE: Kickstarter