Any.Do is updating their popular Calendar app today, adding in a few interesting features aimed at business professionals. Their Cal app, which is already the most beautiful Calendar app on the market, will now have what Any.Do calls “Heads Up”. The update provides users with three screens of reach stage of a meeting, meant to make you more productive, and keep you on schedule.

 Heads Up starts before you do, with the “Before Meeting” functionality starting you on the right footing. You can now get Google Maps navigation to your meeting spot, and even schedule an Uber ride if possible/needed. If you’re running a touch late, Cal with Heads Up will let you notify other meeting participants — right from the app.

During a meeting, you can silence your device, and schedule additional tasks as they arrive. If the CEO tasks you with something with a deadline, it’s now much easier to make sure you get it done on time. If you need to stay on task, take a picture of the whiteboard or other notes, and share them with others int he meeting. You can even record the meeting, and send a summary to others involved, right from the app.

After the meeting, you can still send a summary, and even schedule follow-up meetings. If there are things others need to do, send along an action item. Thisis all done within the app, from screens that populate before, during, and after meetings. All you have to do is use Cal, which is currently available in the Play Store. We already thought Cal was the best looking Calendar app around, and the added functionality only make it one of the better functioning ones, too.