If there’s one thing that the Android platform is not lacking, it’s productivity apps such as calendars and to-do lists with an ever-growing number of features that try to help users manage their tasks. Any.do, one such popular app, has just added some features that further integrates your tasks into Google’s ecosystem.

Any.do’s interface is quite direct. Users are shown a list of notes or tasks with an input field at the top. Type in something, or tap on the microphone icon to start speech recognition, to add a task or a reminder for a certain event. By default, tasks are listed according to a time-based grouping such as Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming, and Someday but can also be displayed according to user-defined folders.

A new update has been made available that brings in bug fixes as well as new features. Most prominent among these is integration with Google Now. Users can now create tasks simply by prefixing the phrase “note to self” or “set a reminder”. Of course, this feature is best used with Google Now’s voice-controlled mode. The update also adds support for posting tasks on Google Glass timeline, a feature that might be useful for Any.do users who own the device.

The new version now also supports the new restricted profiles feature present in Android 4.3 only. The update bumps the app’s version to 2.32 and should be rolling out to users.

SOURCE: Google Play