has had the to-do and task list app available for Android users for quite a while now. We even saw the Cal app arrive for Android users back in December of last year. But while the to-do, task and calendar support has been solid on the mobile side — many felt there was something missing.

That missing bit was a web version, and well, the folks at have announced just that. The Web App has been unveiled and it should round things out rather nicely. You’ll be able to get to the Web App by navigating to The web access will allow you to manage your to-do list and features the Planning and Focus Modes.

Users will be able to toggle between those views as needed. The Focus Mode is intended to give an quick look at what is coming up, and also what needs to be done in a single folder. The Planning Mode will offer a look at multiple folders which means you are able to get a complete picture and also move items between folders and dates as needed.

Along with the release of the Web app — the company is also celebrating the 10 million user milestone. Just in case you may have stayed away from due to the lack of web access — you can find the To-Do List & Task List app using this Google Play Store link and the Cal – Calendar Google/Exchange app using this Google Play Store link. The web app as well as the mobile apps are free to download and free to use.