When it comes to benchmarking mobile devices, most people turn to AnTuTu to see how their device stacks up. A new version of the AnTuTu benchmark application has hit Google Play bringing the app to version 5.5.

The new version launched on December 22 and brings with it a completely redesigned user interface. AnTuTu 5.5 also now supports detection of 64-bit CPUs and 64-bit versions of Android. A few bugs were also addressed with the update.

Those bugs include a fix for a 3D test that couldn’t be completed on some devices. The developers also fixed a number of other bugs and crashes. The app is 33MB in size and Google Play says that it has as many as 50 million installs.

The updated UI isn’t made using Material Design. It was designed to be a simpler design compared to the older version. Check out the screenshots to see what the new UI looks like and the app can be downloaded now.

SOURCE: Google Play