antutu officer android app

Want to know if a phone is fake or real? The AnTuTu Officer app will tell you what the phone really is simply by identifying the authenticity of the phone. There’s no reason for you to be duped into buying something that isn’t real. No need to worry because the AnTuTu Officer can professionally do the inspection for you.

AnTuTu officer app works by telling you if a device is counterfeit or not. After downloading the app on the Android device, simply go to to scan the QR code. The AnTuTu Officier will scan and search for more information about the device. To know the results of complete testing, check the website again. You’ll see more information about your phone as detected by the AnTuTu Officer app and based on data already stored on the AnTuTu server.

The app works as a testing machine to detect if security parameters meet the standards. With the app, you’ll determine if hardware parameters have been modified or if the phone itself is a counterfeit model. Just note that if you can’t install any of the AnTuTu apps or if device cannot scan a QR code, there is high probability that your phone is not real, sorry.

If you want to try this on your phone, download the app from the Google Play Store.


  1. You cant test it before you buy it you need the phone in hand to test the app which means you have already bought the phone which your testing so bit late isnt it

  2. I bought my Z3 Compact from my carrier and successfully flashed it with custom ROM (locked BL), and it reaches the correct Antutu score for this model, so I’m 101% sure that it is real, but AnTuTU Officer says high copy… maybe because of some tweaks, but know that this can have false positives.

  3. app doesn’t work properly i recently bought a s8 it says my phone is unknown bought phone via south african retailer MTN.


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