If you’re the sort of person who gets and sends texts all day long, and you’ve gotten into some bad circles that’ve led to you getting bashed over the head with spam texts when you know good and well you never signed up for that junk, you might very well be in luck. XDA Forum member airplanez has whipped up an app by the name of AntiSpamSMS which you can pick up for free in the Android Marketplace today, donating a dollar to him via purchasing the app if you find it useful (no difference from the free version, just a nice gesture.) Take a peek!

Once you download this app you’ll have the option of viewing it in Korean or in English (it came set for English when I / we downloaded it a few minutes ago.) Everything seems great, super simple, easy to implement. Has the following features:

English Locale Support
Usable Regex.
Allow My Contacts
Block Not My Contacts
Block No Phone Number
Block Inconsistency Number
SMS/Block Notify(sound, vibration)
Backup/Restore Setting
Remove Symbol,Country Code
Case Insensitive option

Find it in the Android Marketplace under AntiSpamSMS.

[Via XDA Developers Forum]