If you’re in the market for a sharp and solid looking luxury device and have thousands of dollars to spare, then you might want to take a look at the Antares. This smartphone hails all the way from Italy, boasting of the craftsmanship of the Tonino Lamborghini Group, who pride themselves in creating luxury accessories.

The Antares is just one of a class of items that the group has dubbed as techno-luxury mobile segment. It is claimed to exude an authentic Italian personality. Perhaps it reminds one of an automobile’s form. The body is made of stainless steal with a few areas of leather to give it a rather premium feel. Compared to the now common flat and almost featureless designs of mainstream smartphones, the Antares does look unique, or exquisite if it’s to your tastes, though it gives off a sense of coldness and sharpness thanks to its metallic sheen and faceted design. Even the packaging was designed with those characteristics in mind, coming in a solid aluminum box.

Inside the covers, we find hardware that is common and somewhat mysterious. For the price, it seems rather disappointing to find only a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, though it does have a hefty 2 GB serving of RAM. Internal storage is limited to 32 GB but can be expanded with a microSD card. Surprisingly, the package actually includes a 32 GB card. A 13 megapixel adorns the peculiar-looking back, while a 5 megapixel one can be located at the front. The 4-inch display is coated with Gorilla Glass, but its resolution, though described as high, was not given. The smartphone runs Android 4.2.2 with a few custom changes made specially for the luxury device. One rather unique feature of the Antares is built-in amplifier and speakers which are manufactured by Yamaha. Here is the Tonino Lamborghini Group’s spiel for their newest luxury device and first ever smartphone.

The Antares smartphone is set to be available in Russia and China starting December. Those in the US, the UK, and, strangely, Italy, will have to wait a bit longer until Spring 2014. That should give interested buyers enough time to save up for the $4,000 that this device will cost.


  1. That price tag is tantamount to the price of a pre-owned compact car. If you have the money, and you want to show off your extravagance, then this is definitely one way to be a cut above the rest.


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