Murmurs were abound this week as Kyocera announced a dual-touchscreen phone that looked like a Nintendo DSi that makes phone calls. Now there may be another as Fujitsu looked poised to jump into the dual-touchscreen pool. Only, instead of a landscape style screen, they’re doing for a portait vibe … with “options.” And it’s very interesting.

Rumored to be out sometime this summer or fall, a prototype dusal-touchscreen phone was displayed at Fujitsu’s booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. And what’s really cool about it is that the protype had dual swivel screens, making for portrait, landscape, or a little of both. Now the proof-of-concept was actually running Symbian, not Android since that’s a very popular phone OS in Japan. But the word is, it will definitely be running Android when it debuts later this year. Til then, it’s just a wild rumor.

[via UnWiredView]