The battle for virtual assistant dominance is not just in our smartphones or in smart speakers in our home but has extended even to our cars. The various big players are scrambling to tie up with major brands to bring exclusive access to their respective digital assistants. Anker’s newest device, the Roav Bolt, is powered exclusively by Google Assistant and lets you makes it easier and safer to access your phone while driving, even without the Android Auto platform.

Basically, the Roav Bolt is a smart car charger that you can just plug-n-play in your car and immediately get access to Google Assistant with its far-field microphones and advanced voice-recognition technology. It can be connected to your car and your smartphone through either Bluetooth 5.0 or auxiliary cable and also has two USB Type A ports for the actual charging. It has four LED lights that have the signature colors of the Google Assistant.

To activate your assistant, just say the “Hey Google” or tap on the button on the Bolt device. You can do things like play your music or podcast, take and make calls, navigate to wherever you’re going, have it read out texts and emails to you (and respond accordingly), set reminders, ask for your schedule for the day, and all the other things that Google Assistant has been doing for you on your phone or smart speakers.

You can pre-oder the Roav Bolt now for $49.99 through their online store or through The device should start shipping out in February.