So it seems we’re still on that issue of dangerous USB Type-C cables, and no prizes for guessing Benson Leung is in the middle of it again, although he is just announcing the product recall this time. Google+ user “Nathan K.” has put out data regarding some USB Type-C cables manufactured and sold by Anker, and has proven that the cables might cause damage and danger to devices and users themselves. It seems that Anker has just put out a recall for these cables.

The suspect cable is part of the group of cables tested by Nathan K. – the specific one is the Anker USB Type-C cable model A8185011 – then you might want to avoid using it at all. The issue is that the cable “remembers” the voltage for the USB-C power input on some newer laptops like the Chromebook Pixel, then provides that same voltage to phones if not unplugged from a more powerful charging base.


USB-C laptops like the Pixel C are able to take on 15V-20V of power, but some phones are only designed to take up to 5V. Now if you don’t unplug the cable from the source, then plug it from a Pixel C device to a smartphone, the cable will still give the same 15V-20V of power to your smartphone, which may very well cause damage to it, or in extreme cases, cause explosions or fires.

We don’t want that, do we? See the video above for Nathan’s demonstration of the issue. Check your Anker cables if they are of the same model number. Anker has put out a recall email, and Benson Leung has republished it. So be careful, you guys and gals out there.

SOURCE: +BensonLeung