Soon as in ON Valentine’s Day, how do you like that? This version is much more than likely going to be an upgrade to your already awesome Angry Birds Seasons game that’s already got a Christmas and a Halloween edition active. This super secret edition has been released via DW-TV (Deutsche Welle) via YouTube. The news fellow in the clip notes, “The designers and game developers at Rovio are currently working on new versions of their game, like this update in pink, due to come on the market on February the 14th – Valentine’s Day.”

A few additional details are mentioned in the video including the origin of the game, developments along the way, and the fact that the game originally had no slingshot and was apparently very confusing to play. CEO and co-founder of Rovio Mikael Hed says they’d like to take the characters and the universe that’s here in the game and expand it to more games, merchandise, and even TV shows and movies. Weird!

[Via PocketLint]


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