Rovio Mobile has rolled out the latest Angry Birds app update. And nicely done, this update has arrived just as the game turns three. Yup, it looks like Angry Birds fans have now been wasting time slinging birds for three years. More to the point here though, Angry Birds for Android has been updated to version 3.0.0 and along with the new (and rather appropriate) version number comes a Happy Birdday celebration with 30 new levels.

Simply put, it looks like today will be a good day to update the app and get some Angry Birds game play in. Aside from the 30 new levels, the update also brings a birdday cake and the Pink Bird, which according to Rovio, is the “bubbliest bird ever.”

There is also a warning about the cake, watch out because it is said to pack a big punch. Otherwise, as for those 30 new levels, those are broken down into 15 Birdday party levels (with the cake) and 15 Bad Piggies themed levels. Of course, if you have yet to play Bad Piggies, these themed levels may just take you into a whole other game. You can find Bad Piggies in Google Play.

Finally, as many will remember, the original Angry Birds was just the beginning and in these three years we have seen quite a few other versions. Rovio has also released Angry Birds Rio, Seasons, Space and Star Wars. In addition, there is also Amazing Alex, which may not have birds or pigs, but is still rather entertaining to play.

[via Google Play]


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