Sigh. Will it ever end? The Angry Birds success just keeps on rolling. For some the Angry Birds collection of games, gear, apparel and more might be getting old, but millions and millions still play it daily. Not only that, but the kids still love it and I’m sure parents love the quiet time too. Well Angry Birds just one-upped that, and have a new cartoon coming soon.

With plush toys, t-shirts, movies and more the Angry Birds game is really a smashing success. Being the biggest mobile game to date, and still running strong – this isn’t much of a surprise. Yes what you read above is correct. Rovio Mobile will soon be bringing their hit game Angry Birds to a TV near you. Well on the web at least.

The company announced Angry Birds Toons will be coming soon, and the exclusive webshow premiere will be March 16th and 17th. Have you (or your kids) ever wanted to know what makes Bomb Bird so Angry, or how some of those pigs fly? Well the new cartoon series will be revealing all of that and more. This new animated web series sounds pretty fun right?

The cartoon will be fun, upbeat, and show viewers what is happening “deep in the heart of Piggy Island.” Viewers will be able to get up close and personal with all of their favorite characters. We’re not sure if this will ever make it on TV, but for now it’ll be streamed via the web once a week in their new animated cartoon series. For those parents that have kids who just love this game, be prepared to have some extra quiet time once a week while the little one watches Angry Birds Toons!

[via Rovio]