Over at San Francisco’s Game Developers Conference, Rovio’s Mighty Eagle Peter Vesterbacka has announced the next expansion for the Angry Birds Seasons line. In a move that will certainly surprise noone familiar with the matter, the next expansion is said to be a Saint Patrick’s Day set of green levels. This comes right after this year’s Valentine’s Day Expansion, last year’s Advent Calendar Christmas Expansion, and last year’s Halloween Expansion (which was originally its own game.)

This new Saint Patrick’s Day Expansion should be plugged in nicely next to the other three holidays, it being updated almost certainly free for those who already have the Angry Birds Seasons game installed, and it’ll be coming out “well before” March 17th. That means any day now! In addition to this announcement, Vesterbacka noted that the RIO game, coming out March 22, 2011, would expand the universe beyond what a normal “movie game” would. Vesterbacka noted: “We could make it work nicely with Angry Birds and the back-story. It could be the first time the birds leave the island, and are kidnapped by smugglers. This is not one of these lame movie games, but a separate game that works nicely with the movie.”

Sounds fun!

[via PocketNow]


  1. I’m pretty sure that if they have a secret ending at the END of the credits to show what happen to the Angry Birds as they were caught in the villians of Rio to catch up with the scene that was in a short cartoon of Angry Birds Rio and will announce that a movie of Angry Birds will be released soon.


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