Rovio Mobile has rolled-out the latest Angry Birds app update, this time for the Space edition. This latest update can be found by way of the Google Play Store where it is currently sitting at version 1.4.0. Of course, version number aside, you will recognize this latest update due to the new water galaxy — PigDipper.

Yup, the PigDipper has arrive on Angry Birds Space. Rovio is touting this one as being the “weirdest galaxy yet.” A galaxy where all of the planets are filled with water along with strange aquatic life and Bad Piggies. You will want to be on the lookout for the pigs, and in order to do that — make sure you are paying attention to the boats.

Otherwise, playing this new galaxy will require the “unique physics” that many have come to love (and sometimes hate) in Angry Birds Space. But on the positive side, there is the ability to set-up some trick shots. This update also brings some new power-ups, including a Flock of Birds, Space Egg and Pig Puffer.

And for a little hint, Rovio has said to make sure and check out how the Ice Bird and Pig Puffer react to water. That all being said, remember, Angry Birds Space is just one of many including the original as well as Rio, Seasons and Star Wars. Then there is Bad Piggies and Amazing Alex. Simply put, Rovio has plenty of hits ready and available in the Play Store. With that, you can grab the latest version of Angry Birds Space from the Google Play Store in an ad-supported free version or an ad-free version for $0.99.