Mobile game developer ROVIO has released an update to it’s epically successful Angry Birds: Seasons game.  The update, which now includes an Irish vibe to it, comes with 15 new levels of clovers and 2 new golden eggs and a St. Paddy’s Day Surprise and lucky pots ‘o gold everywhere. Users can even send Happy St. Patrick’s Day cards to their friends from within the game!

Angry Birds Seasons is the follow-up to the game that took over the world and became the most popular mobile game in history. Starting with a Halloween version, Angry Birds Seasons was updated with Christmas Holiday levels (laid out in a cool advent calendar like grid), a pink and rosey, Valentine’s motif, and now it’s going green for Saint Patty’s Day.

The update is available at the Android Market, but be prepared, this game is a serious challenge. We’ll have a run through including full spoilers of all levels coming later today, but one of our people is playing it and he gives it a snap “GG.” Now make no mistake, while this is a game, you’ve got your work cut out for you! But hey, it’s Angry Birds, you know it’s worth it!



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