If you’ve felt that game developers Rovio have abandoned our Angry Birds in their tropical captivity then you have another thing coming. Our agitated avian friends are back to cause some destruction and this time they have to rescue some new aquatic friends as well.

The latest Angry Birds Rio update brings a total of 20 new levels, six of which are set in a port harbor in Rio de Janeiro. And what would these birds be doing there, you might ask. It seems that during their sojourn in Brazil, they have befriended some dolphins and are now on a mission to save these aquatic mammals as they have become accidentally trapped, for no reason whatsoever. Yes, dolphins have arrived on Angry Birds. And yes, you’ll have to get your feathers wet in order to save the caged dolphins.

High Dive is the name of this latest episode and it clues us in on what could be the theme to the movie sequel. Yes, there will be a second Angry Birds Rio movie. When this will come is still unknown, but it could be really soon since Rovio has already made its existence known.


Interestingly, the game’s changelog also mentions the fact that Rovio has also upped the graphics quality a bit, just in time for the next chapter in the franchise. Gamers are promised to be greeted with new shiny visuals as they fling the birds into crates and oblivion. Angry Birds Rio is, of course, available for free and still offers your favorite in-game boosters and perks.

VIA: DroidGamers