We don’t know why it took them so long to bring this to movie treaters, but the Angry Birds Movie will finally be showing this May. We’re also not sure if there is still much enthusiasm for this franchise as compared to a few years ago, but the fact that they’re still releasing games may mean something. And now you can even include them in your conversations as the Angry Bird movie characters are now available as emoticons on Skype.

Some of the more popular and iconic Angry Bird characters like Red, Stella, and Bomb can now get involved when you’re chatting with friends or colleagues (just make sure your chat with the latter isn’t formal or official). You will find them in the trending tab of the emoticon picker. There’s a whole Angry Birds section there and you can choose the appropriate mad avian that you want to insert into the chat box, depending on whether you’re trying to be funny, sarcastic, angry. Let’s just hope the person you’re chatting with will get what you’re tying to say with the emoticon.


Skype says that we can even get some clues as to why these birds are so angry (aside from the fact that pigs are trying to kill them?) so we might also get hints as to the movie’s plot. They also said that there may be more Angry Birds Movie related surprises coming in the next few weeks.

So if you can’t wait to have Red or Stella in your Skype chatbox, go and update your app. The Angry Birds emoticons are also available in the other Skype platforms.