If you’ve been dying for a new Angry Birds because you’ve beat every single level available from the regular, seasons, and everything else in-between we have some excellent news for you. Just when I thought things were about to start slowing down Rovio has just revealed the new Angry Birds Space! That’s right — “One small fling for a bird, one quantum leap for birdkind.”

This news has literally just hit the wires so we are still digging for more information. Rovio hasn’t shared any details on Facebook or Twitter but they’ve released an official video you can see below. Yahoo! broke the news this morning and we are just getting wind of it. We don’t really know what to expect but given the fact they’ve released awesome and impressive games in the past, I suspect they’ll do the same here. I’m hoping for something that makes it a bit different as the usual gameplay is getting old in my opinion.

Angry Birds are about to fling out of this planet and venture into space. I just hope they’ll be able to breathe ok out in the depths of the unknown. The video below doesn’t reveal anything really, but it does share the release date as coming March 22nd. Get ready all you bird flingers!

[via Droid-Life ; via Angry Birds]


  1. I have Seasons on my phone, today every time I try open and play all I can ge is the video advertising the new Space game …why?


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