The latest update for Angry Birds Go! has recently arrived in the Play Store. And coming as an update many like to see — this one brings some new features. This update added a new episode with sub-zero tracks. It also added a bit more in terms of competition.

Rovio added weekly tournaments and leaderboards with this update. Players will be able to participate in those tournaments with a goal of seeing themselves (their character) sitting above their friends and on top of the podium. Another highlight from this update are the snapshots. Moving forward you’ll be able to see “some awesome photos of you in action on the racetrack.”


The remaining items that came with this latest update are lucky boxes and a new in-game mailbox. The lucky boxes can be picked up from the track and could contain “awesome prizes.” You can also use the in-game mailbox to send lucky boxes to your friends, and then hope they send some back in return.

Otherwise, this update brings the game to v1.3.0 where it remains compatible with devices running Android 2.3.3 or later.

Angry Birds Go! can be found using this Google Play Store link. Of course, those with the app already installed will want to fire up the Play Store on their device and visit the My Apps section to grab the update.