While all the hype in new racing games from Microsoft and Sony with their respective launches of brand new consoles is enough to make our eyes bleed in succulent happiness, the idea of a new Angry Birds game that involves racing certainly can’t be overlooked. If it’s to be as comedic as previous Angry Birds titles, it’ll be sure to be a blast, and may even (in some way) be the perfect time killer for those taking a break from all the realism that the aforementioned big companies provide.

Although there is absolutely no info to go by, the new Angry Birds game is most probably a racing game, as evidenced by their teaser site. With the previous Angry Birds games being absolute hits out the door, we have no doubt this one will be too. When it comes out is anyone’s guess, but it will likely have tons of challenges (as per every other Angry Birds game), levels, and characters.

Previous iterations of Angry Birds have been great fun, but it’s clear that a new spin would be welcome. Racing games are big news these days, and Rovio would be wise to get in on it. Most everyone has played the killer game series too, where you shoot a bird at a set of loosely lined up pillars and try to break a house down. Not exactly realistic… we’re pretty sure you would end up killing the poor bird in real life if you attempted it, but fun nonetheless.

The Angry Birds franchise has expanded into a massive money grabber for their developer Rovio, who has seen sales of everything from plushies, to books, to pencils.

We just hope that when Angry Birds Go does finally make it into Google Play, we can afford the time to “take it for a spin” as well.

SOURCE: Rovio Angry Birds


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