If you like both SEGA’s Sonic Dash and Rovio’s Angry Birds, you are going to be a very happy camper for at least three weeks as two of the most popular mobile games are doing a cross-over to celebrate the former’s 100th million downloads. Starting today but for a limited time only, three of the best-known super grumpy birds are set to make a special appearance while you’re playing Sonic Dash: Red, Chuck, and Bomb.

For three weeks, a different fan-favorite mad avian will be running around the Sonic Dash universe, and while you’re playing the regular endless runner dash, when you see that Angry Bird, you have no other inclination but to grab it. Okay, it’s not the actual bird that you will grab, but the special Angry Bird Epic tokens, until finally when you have enough, you can unlock the character. It will then be playable, even after the other characters are the ones to be featured in the succeeding weeks. Red “Knight”, Chuck “Mage”, and Bomb “Pirate” will be the birds of the hours as you try to unlock them.

Sonic Dash reaching its 100th million download milestone now makes it the most downloaded Sonic mobile game ever. This partnership with Rovio will benefit both games and will benefit all the more the fans of the two games. Wilhelm Taht, Head of External Products at Rovio, believes that this is a milestone as well for them, having more exposure to fans of the other game and continuing the goodwill to their current fanbase

If you don’t feel like chasing after these three birds but would still want to play them, you also have the option of “buying” them outright by using the in-game premium currency that you collect as you pay them. If you haven’t yet, you can download Sonic Dash from the Google Play Store for free.

VIA: Develop Online


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