Angry Bird pop culture iterations continue to be popular and in demand, despite the appearance of many imitations and (some would say better) more difficult alternatives. And as excitement continues to build for the new Star Wars movie coming out in December of 2015 (witness the craziness over the first released teaser trailer), game developer Rovio decided it’s time for another update for Angry Bird Star Wars II.

“Revenge of the Pork” is the newest chapter in the seemingly endless war between birds and pigs. The two species are still at it, and this time around, you’ll get 32 new levels to try and fling birds to destroy those pesky pigs across Genosis and Mustafar. The update also brings 16 new Master Your Destiny levels so you can practice being a jedi, just in case the actual rebels in the Star Wars universe need to call on your skills. And when we mean skills, we mean bird-flinging capabilities.

If you expect any bird or pig iteration from the upcoming new movie to show up, you will be disappointed. The plot and characters from the movie are a closely guarded secret anyway, so fat chance that the folks over at Rovio will be able to take a peek. This update is really more of the same, but if you’re hungry for any kind of Star Wars thing and you’re still a fan of Angry Birds, then this will be more than okay for you.

The update is free for anyone who’s already been enjoying the game. If you haven’t yet, you can download Angry Birds Star Wars II from the Google Play Store for free, but with in-app purchases available.