Another market alternative has entered the Android arena. It is called AndSpot, its goal is to provide an alternative to the Android Market all while improving on some of the things the android market is lacking. If you don’t like or find that the Android Market is hard to navigate, this could be the solution you was looking for.

“Google’s Android Market is slow and not as user friendly as it can be, you don’t leave the Market thinking ‘this is great.’ Instead you are thinking, this is slow, clunky, and if you are a developer, ‘my app is not getting much exposure.'”

For awhile now users have been complaining about the market being slow. There have even been a few developers that feel their app has been overshadowed by others in the market. Google did try to remedy the latter with the new featured app section but the problem seems to persist.

The market that is included with android 2.2 does address a lot of these issues. Unfortunately, 2.2 aren’t officially out yet and when it does release there will be a few phones left in the dust. Market an alternative is a good option, being able to go elsewhere to buy apps is a major advantage Android has. If you’re not happy with App Stores on other handsets you just have to grin a bear it. There is currently an open beta available for this market alternative, if you’re interested in it visit AndSpot and sign up. It’s open to users and developers alike.

[via wired]


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