Ok, first things first, Andromium OS is not really an operating system in the fullest sense of the term – it’s an app. But for what, you ask? Well, you buy your Android smartphone and Android tablet and you are happy – but there are days when you end up pining for a more Windows-like or desktop-like approach to computing. That’s where the Andronium OS app project comes in.

If you’re already familiar with the app, you will remember that the developers put themselves out on Kickstarter last year, albeit unsuccessfully. The plan was – and still is – to bring a Windows approach to using your tablet or phablet. The idea is to have an Android environment more conducive to work and multitasking and the use of a keyboard and mouse.


As of today, the app project is still alive, and upon installation and running, it will turn your tablet’s home screen into more like the one you see on your Windows laptop screen. That is, an environment with the familiar taskbar, start menu, and status icons at the bottom left for info about the time, battery level, and wireless connection.

In this environment, you will need to double-click – or double tap – an app icon to run it. The apps will launch in a window that you can minimize and maximize at will. But right now, the app is still in beta – and you can pick it up via the download link below – the feature set is a bit limited. We hope these guys find the funding and the will to bring the app to at least a stable version. What do you think?

VIA: Liliputing
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store