Last week a MeeGo prototype was shown off at an Intel sales conference. It was only shown for a moment by senior vice president and general manager of Intel’d Ultra Mobility Group, but there it was. What was this super secret phone? According to Aava Mobile speaking with SlashGear, this phone is ready to be shown off at Mobile World Congress in less than two weeks (we’ll be there). But what IS IT?! It’s a 8.9mm-thick touchscreen smartphone that runs both Android and MeeGo.

These phones are a second generation of Aava Mobile’s Aava Core design, and these phones will not be sold direct to customers. These phones will instead be utilized in the same way the original model was, as a developer device as well as to promote the company’s modem platform and integrated ACPU to OEM/ODMs. We got our hands on one of the original versions of this line of phones back at Mobile World Congress 2010, if you’d like to take a look – that presentation having both Android and Moblin versions ready to show.

This is an exciting development for those rooting for MeeGo, especially since the Intel Atom Medfield based chips they’ve put together here are also suited for tablets. Speaking with Chris Davies of SlashGear, Aava Mobile has said that those excited about the project should not be caught up in the smartphone shell this platform is currently in – tablets ahoy!

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