First, they got their own space in the Google Play Store so that users can find apps for their wearables easier. Now, they get their own Twitter account. So it looks like Android Wear has reached its “legitimacy” although they’ve been around for a couple of years now. They have now been given their very own Twitter account so you can get all your latest news, new products, information, etc, directly from Google themselves.

@AndroidWear now have their own legit Twitter account and their first tweet was to tell their initial followers to watch the space for #AndroidWear fashion, fitness, and fun. It also has a 30 second video highlighting some of the things that your smartwatch can do on the platform. And then it links to the longer, one minute version of the video, which is a pretty, colorful, psychedelic ad for Android Wear.

While of course you have been getting your Android Wear news from other Twitter accounts (hopefully, including ours), there is still something to be said about an official Twitter account. Anything tweeted out from there is of course official and confirmed. That doesn’t mean the fun of rumors and speculation and leaks will stop, but at least we know where we can legitimately get our information from.

Just last week, the Google Play Store finally had their own Android Wear section, which made it easier for users to look for apps for their new (and old) smartwatches. It was also good for developers as their apps are now more discoverable as they are in their proper category.

SOURCE: @AndroidWear