Did you know you can type on your smartwatch? Even on a small screen, users can still reply to messages using voice recognition or simply by typing. But with the size of the screen, typing can be very limited. It’s not easy to type letters on such a small screen but Wear Messenger messaging app is adding the FlickKey Keyboard for Android. This solution aims to attract more people to jump into the bandwagon of smartwatches.

A lot of people want a smartwatch but they get turned off by the limited texting ability. Actually, you shouldn’t expect to text and do more typing on a smartwatch but of course, why be limited with a small screen when you can do more. The Wear Messenger app makes it easier to exchange instant messages but typing is not as easy. With the addition of FlickKey, users can make use of the fully gestured method. FlickKey requires the user to type all common words at first using popup flick-keys. This makes typing text more efficient and faster.

We noted last year how the FlickKey keyboard can be useful. The keyboard app developers said that flicks are better than swipes and looks like Dream Code, the guys behind Wear Messenger agree so it’s currently using FlickKey.

The Wear Messenger app update also features a better user interface, notifications linking, more notifications settings, and disabling of New Message and Contacts as needed.

Thanks for the tip, Will!

Download Wear Messenger and FlickKey Keyboard for Android Wear from the Google Play Store