Android Wear 5.1.1

Google Play Music has evolved especially now there’s Android Wear. The latest version of the wearable platform, Android Wear 5.1.1 has rolled out over the weekend and this means new features can be explored. One notable change is that Google Play Music can now be controlled from your smartwatch. It’s a new option for controlling tunes but flipping through an entire album or catalog isn’t possible.

The limit on controlling from a smartwatch is just fine since it’s really not a good idea to scroll through an entire music library from a small smartwatch screen. Only accessible on Google Play Music though are ‘Radio’, ‘Recent Playlists’ and the ‘Listen Now’ categories.

Google Play Music

The ‘Radio’ access calls up radio stations on Google Play Music while ‘Recent Playlists’ lists songs and albums you’ve recently added and liked or favorited. ‘Listen Now’ allows you to flip through the recently listened to radio stations, playlists, albums, and more.

Only a few models support the last Android Wear 5.1.1, at least for now. Your new ASUS ZenWatch and LG Watch Urbane are the first two to run the latest Android Wear wearable platform. More smartwatch models are expected to have the latest Google Play Music feature in the coming days. Who knows, other apps may have the similar control and feature someday too.Browsing through a listing on the smartwatch can be pretty useful but we’ll see if people will actually use and browse music on Android Wear.

VIA: Android Central