Version 2.6 of the Android Wear platform isn’t something that will bring many major changes to your smartwatch but when you put the little things together, the update will make your life easier. The software update will now come from the Google Play Store to avoid clunky firmware updates. As you navigate the tiny screen on your wearable, you will see changes like the adaptability of the text size of notifications, seeing your available connections easily, and a Recent App complication to make your life, well, not so complicated.

Contrary to its name, Complications are actually some of the things that make Android Wear smartwatches more useful, since it launches tools and shows other apps other than the watch/time. The Recent App complication lets you add a shortcut where the last apps that you used will show up in the section Just open the watchface editor then pick one of the complication spots and then choose Recent App which is listed under the General category.

You will also now see download progress indicator cards, which show you how much time is left and a halo around the icon will fill up as it completes. If you want to know what are the connections available, just swipe down and you’ll see them (WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular) beside the battery indicator. More importantly, the notification will now adjust according to the number of characters of your notifications, so you get more space if it’s shorter (hopefully).

The update also brings better recognition of the side swipe and long-press gestures as previously it was too sensitive and too easily triggered. You can check if the download is already there for your Android Wear 2.6. If not, you can either wait or download the APK in the source link.

VIA: Android Police