Smartwatch owners who upgraded to Android Wear 2.0 expected their device to perform better than the previous update because of all the new features that Google was hyping up. What they didn’t expect was that they would face major lag issues and in fact, their smartwatch would sometimes be rendered useless if they swipe away a notification. But now finally, after almost a month, the issue has been resolved with an update of the Google App to version on the Android Wear platform.

A reddit user previously was able to figure out that the temporary fix to the lag problem was to actually disable the Ok Google functionality since it seemed to be the Ok Google detection that was causing the issue. And while people who disabled it got their Android Wear devices to work properly, that was a key functionality of the smartwatch, so we expected Google to bring a fix to it.

Another redditor has shared the good news that the Ok Google Detection and consequently the Android Wear 2.0 lag issue has been resolved. Just update the Google app on your smartwatch, turn the Ok Google Detection off first and then back on again. Then you will have to reboot your device and everything should be back to normal again.

Since you’ll be rebooting your smartwatch, try to back things up just in case. Also, the update to the Google app is on a staged roll-out so it may not be available to everyone all at once just yet.

SOURCE: Reddit