Oh you industrious creators of unofficially wonderful things, you’ve done it again. This is just about the cutest little thing we’ve ever seen in our entire lives. What you’re about to experience for yourself is a brand new startscreen for your Android phone (or your iPhone, if you’re in to that sort of thing) that features an Android with a cheeky side. This particular Andy character is what appears to be part of a barbershop quartet, this singular one having a taste for Apples.

If you know the way, you’ll be able to insert this fancy animation in your phone so that when you turn your phone on, you’ll see it taking place right before your eyes. The cane pulling the Apple off the screen is just too much. You can either head back to the source of this animation over at [XDA Developers] or you can download it instantly here yourself: bootanimation.zip via Megaupload.

In celebration of this celebratory little ditty, here’s another little celebratory ditty by a real barbershop quartet singing everyone’s favorite StarWars song, the one you love to hate, the original Ewok Celebration song. I bet you didn’t expect to happen upon something like this today, did you?