A development company from the UK called Ustwo has announced the launch of an Android version of its app called Rando. The app hit the iPhone about a month ago. Rando is called an “experimental photo exchange platform.” This isn’t like Instagram, it’s photo sharing but completely anonymous.

The way that works is any photograph you take and share with the app goes to random users. You never know who receives your photographs. The only information about the person who took the photographs that the recipient gets is the location of where the photograph was taken.

Once you share a photograph, you will receive a random photo in return from some other user. The app doesn’t allow users to like photos, comment on them, favorite them, or share the pictures with others. The app is also the very epitome of simplicity to use. You must send to receive though folks.

All the app shows when you open it is a round button in the middle that you tap to take a picture and a submit button. The precise location where the photograph was taken isn’t offered, all you get is a map and a red dot showing approximate location. I wonder if there are protections in place to prevent people from sending photographs of an adult nature out to random users.

[via The Next Web]