When it comes to spending, iOS users still outshine Android fans. The same can be said for web traffic, too, according to IBM. Their Big Blue mother brain found that the iOS platform accounted for 14.5% of all Cyber Monday web purchases. Android was only responsible for about 2.5%.

When it came to those purchases, iOS users spent an average of $120.29 per order, while the Android user spent a little less — $106.70. As for the overall web traffic stats, iOS claims a 22.4% share, compared to Android’s meager 9.1%. Mobile web traffic comprised 31.7% of the overall statistic, up 45% from last year.

In breaking out device use, smartphones were responsible for 19.7%, and tablets 11.5% of the overall traffic. While the remaining 0.5% isn’t accounted for, we’d like to know what other mobile devices are considered. When it came time to pull the trigger on a sale, tablet users were responsible for 11.7% of all online sales, while smartphones comprised 5.5%. This could be partly attributed to retailers pushing 77% more notifications to devices over the shopping holiday.

From these numbers, we can easily surmise that iOS users shop more, buy more, and browse more. Though the numbers were down overall from Black Friday, sales were up 20.6% over Cyber Monday last year, and was the biggest one to date. As companies turn to statistics like these to decide where it’s best to invest their mobile budget, it proves a troubling statistic for Android users.