A new study suggests that when it comes to tablets, Android users aren’t so loyal to one OS. Infoscout is noting that their research suggests up to 40% of iPad purchases this Black Friday were from Android users. While interesting, we find a few glaring issues with that claim.

Starting with Infoscout, we take an admittedly small sampling of receipts to task. They’re noting that the research is based on 90,000 receipts for iPads, all via their “panel of Android and iOS users” who report their shopping habits. That doesn’t represent a wide swathe of consumers, nor does it show a wide array of establishments. It’s also U.S. only.

There is also the implication that Android users are buying iPads for themselves. We all have friends or relatives that prefer iOS, while we may prefer Android. A purchase doesn’t represent that there is fractionalization in the tablet market. It also doesn’t hold negative connotations, as many users are simply OS agnostic.

Google is a company of services, and most Google apps are available on iOS. The study makes mention of this spelling trouble for Chromecast, but we just don’t see that as plausible. The Chromecast app is available across platforms, and has no additional benefits on either mobile OS. Apple does have their Apple TV offering, but it’s not in the same discussion as Chromecast, which is still finding its way.

The iPad — Air or mini — is a great device. Even if 36,000 Android users purchased iPads over the weekend, that’s a small sampling of people specifically reporting their habits. It’s also a matter of preference, wherein one device doesn’t represent trouble either way. While we think Android tablets stack up nicely to iPads, it’s more important to get what you like. You’re the one using it, after all.