The XDAndroid project, for Windows Mobile devices with (W)VGA displays, has progressed to a fully usable port of Android to a Touch Pro 2. Past ports haven’t been as successful as this one, there were too many bugs and the build was not user friendly. That’s now a thing of the past and maybe now all WinMo phones with a WVGA display will be able to load Android and use it like it was the native OS on the device.

This hack has working calls, SMS and data. Click the links below if you want to try them out on your phone.

Android on HTC Windows Phones:

Touch Pro2 (GSM)
Touch Pro2 (CDMA – must take SIM card out) (thanks MrPippy)
Touch Diamond2/Pure
Touch HD
Touch Pro/Fuze (GSM)
Touch Pro (CDMA)
Touch Diamond (GSM)
Touch Diamond (CDMA)


[via pocketnow]



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