When Google set out to create Android they never wanted to limit it just to mobile phones such as the T-Mobile G1. Instead they designed it to eventually be compatible on everything from computers to in dash navigation systems. For now these ventures will have to be home grown by those daring enough to load it up on their devices.

The guys over at VentureBeat have managed to get Android loaded up and running on an Eee PC 1000 netbook. While this is still not a very powerful notebook, this is certainly some major progress. Though it may look a bit odd on such a large screen, Android is now running on the ASUS netbook despite initial sound and networking issues.

While digging through the source code they were able to locate not only the phone policy but also a MID (mobile internet device) policy suggesting that Google had already been planning for an Android-powered netbook in early builds of Android. Dima Zavin, one of Google’s own developers has ported Android over to another Intel-based netbook stating that there was no real technical issue there to prevent it. VentureBeat managed to find Czech, German, English (Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, United States), Spanish, Japanese, German and Dutch translation options suggesting that the launch of this platform in other countries may be next.

[Via SlashGear]