Android TV Update July 2021

Android TV is becoming more common these days. Perhaps some people don’t realize that what they have on their smart TVs run on Android. The service has received an update that includes watchlist, recommendation, and other improvements. The goal is to make discovering new content easier, as well as, cutting through possible content overload. With this update, we can bet the number of Android TV-powered devices will grow in number even as competition is getting tighter.

Adding content is easier now on the Android TV watchlist. You can simply long-press on a title (TV show or movie) from the Discover tab and then the “Add to Watchlist” option will show up. The details page also show a a “Watchlist” button for you to use.

In the Discover tab, the watchlist also shows up. If you’re logged into a Google account, your account will be synched across your other devices. This means you can access your watchlist anytime. You can also add to your watchlist from the Google TV mobile app or Google Search.

Also in the Discover tab, you can turn on the recommendations. There is a new “Improve your recommendations” card you can use. You can also check Settings> Device Preferences> Home Screen> Content Preferences. Soon, you will see options such as “More like this” an “Less like this”.

Google wants to know your preference so you need to set what you want and need. The algorithm can learn your choices so in the future, you can receive more customized suggestions just for you. Detail pages now show Trailers that play automatically. You can turn it off if you don’t want it.