Now that a lot of us are spending more time at home, there are days when you want to watch something but you actually have no idea what. If you’re using an Android TV device, they’re now bringing something new to the home screen to help you decide. You will see recommended and sponsored movies and shows and you can also add suggestions from streaming services you’re subscribed to. They’re also bringing a subscribe and install option to make it easier to subscribe to a new service.

In the home screen of your Android TV, you’ll now see the recommendations at the top of your favorite apps row. You’ll get trailers and teasers of the most popular or newly-released shows and movies. These are curated by the entertainment experts of Google Play. There are also sponsored videos from media partners but it’s only available now for U.S. users. If you also want your subscriptions to join in on the suggestions, link them to your Google account from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

There are so many video streaming apps out there, whether on-demand or live TV experiences. If you come across something that you want to sign yo for, it can be a bit of a hassle filling out forms and adding your payment details from the TV screen. Now you can have the option to subscribe and install with Android TV. Find your app, click subscribe and install, and Google says they’ll do the rest for you.

Of course you will have to pre-authorize your Google account especially when it comes to payments. They’re starting it out with a few video streaming apps in the U.S like premium Starz app, DC Universe, and EPIX NOW. They will be adding more apps and services soon and also hopefully expand it to other countries as well. And with a lot of new streaming apps popping out every other day or so it seems, this can come in handy.

You can find these new features on Android TV streaming devices, TVs, projectors, soundbars, and wherever Android TV is supported. They also seem to be promoting the newest streaming kids on the block, NBCUniversarl’s Peacock, and HBO Max.