android tv launcher

The Android TV Launcher has arrived on Google Play. A lot of people have been pushing for the program to come to Google Play and finally it’s being published there. This is a response to the need to simplify apps more by unbundling related software. Instead of packing all sorts of functionality and variety in just one software, developers are now trying to simplify their stuff. The simpler, the better. People don’t want to be too saturated now with other features they don’t really use.

We’ve seen this happen to Google Drive for Android and the Google Now Launcher. And now, Android TV Launcher on Google Play will be simpler than ever. By bringing the Android TV to the Play Store, Google can update the app even with a system update. This makes things easier for everyone. This also means Android TV will get more updates when needed.

Android TV Launcher is where Android TV entertainment and activities start. All content are placed at the center from movies to TV shows to games and more.  Android TV is still in its early stages so we can expect more changes and fixes to be released soon.

Android TV Launcher is already available for download from the Google Play Store.

VIA: XDAdevelopers