Nod slowly if you agree with us, that this seems like the oddest of pairs – an Android mobile device and a Mac laptop or desktop. But it happens in the real world, so tools need to be developed for this special partnership between Android and Mac OS. One of the tools available today for such a situation is Android Tool for Mac.

The app is currently being developed by “mortenjust” and published through GitHub. Among the features you can expect from this tool are these – taking screenshots of your Android device directly from the Android Tool, recording screen actions, sideload APKs without going through the Play Store, and make your own batch scripts. Pretty much like ADB, only that it runs on Mac.


Another fun ability of the tool is that it does the same stuff for your Android Wear smartwatch as well. So if you ever feel that you need to do screenshots or screen recordings of your smartwatch, then you can do it through this tool. The recordings will output either to MP4 video or animated GIF.


The Android Tool for Mac is – quite obviously – a “Mac only” project, but it bridges that gap between Mac laptop or desktop users and their Android devices. You can download the tool via the source link below.

SOURCE: mortenjust’s GitHub