In a move that all you Anime superfans should be ultra happy about, the creators of such fantastically popular series as Voltron and Dragonball Z, Toei Animation has announced their plans for bringing games based on their shows to the Android mobile OS platform! This animation group has been active since 1954, before time started as far as animated shows and movies are concerned, and certainly before the beginning of the fabulous world of video games. We look forward to a Fist of the Northstar game, of course. Maybe a mini-game featuring the Toei cat you see above with an Android body.

Toei has confirmed that they’ll be releasing games within 2011 based on their multi-nation popular television shows. We must hope that these games will be out soon, but then also hope that these games will have been in development for quite a while, as games based on shows made by Toei have one heck of a lot of potential. Games such as Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden 2 have never really had massive success on consoles, but have certainly retained a cult status amongst hardcore fans and players of odd games.

More recent games created in part by Toei Animation have fighters flying across the sky in all directions shooting energy lasers and blasting enemies back and forth across planets. These games are also DragonBall related, but we can hope for similar functionality in a “One Piece” game, can’t we? Just think of what we could accomplish with a touch-based tablet game of these shows!

Toei apparently hasn’t gone into too much specific info on what titles will be made soon or deep into the future, but they have mentioned that all titles will be released cross-platform (that being for mobile phones and tablets, Androids all.) RPGs, fighters, and turn-based war games are what we’re destined to see coming here, greatness on the horizon.

Take a peek at one of the better DragonBall Z games in the past, Budokai 3:

[via DroidGamers]