Whether it’s a sign of desperation or a moment of enlightenment, Microsoft seems to be on a track of trying to make nice with other operating systems. First, there have been rumors of the tech giant seeking to dual-boot with Android, and now we’re getting word that Microsoft will be bringing its remote desktop feature to Android and iOS soon.

Remotely controlling a Windows, or other operating system, desktop is nothing new and is the purview of some popular apps, not to mention a source of income of some companies. But there will always be some fringe benefit when apps come directly from those who know the technology inside and out, and so it is good news, at least for users, when Microsoft is reportedly preparing mobile apps that will let users control their Windows desktops via an official Remote Desktop app.

This has further implications considering it will be compatible with Windows 8. This means that all those Windows 8 tapping and swiping gestures will be available on Android devices, hopefully creating a rather seamless experience. Depending on data transfer rates and image quality, it might even feel like you’re running Windows 8 right on on your favorite Android device. That idea might not appeal to some, but it will most likely be useful to those that need or want it. The one caveat is that this seems to only work within the same home or office network. At least for now.

The Window Remote Desktop app is said to be offered free of charge on each platform’s respective app stores, meaning Google Play Store for us Android users. No exact date has been given yet but is said to be ready by the end of the month.

VIA: SlashGear



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