Android Things

If you’ve been anticipating for Android Things, bad news, but Google is making some changes that will affect the platform. They are not exactly all bad but support for some modules will not be able available for the greater public for a time. It’s not clear if it is temporary but support for System on Modules (SoMs) based on hardware from MediaTek, Qualcomm, or NXP is not ready at this point. If you’re a developer, you may need to check on your related apps and programs.

The tech giant continues to work with big partners to come up with innovative consumer services and products that are connected thru Android Things. The smart home system now allows built-in Google Assistant. Some of the items we’ve seen successfully reach the market include smart displays and smart speakers from different OEMs.

All these are made possible on the Android Things platform. The dev team works with OEMs to design and build devices that take advantage of the platform. Google is refocusing the platform to further improve. But then it means that it may only be for smart speakers and smart displays.

Android Things will still remain as a platform for experimentation and creating smart-connected products. The Android Things SDK makes it easy for designers, coders, and developers to come up with new products.

The Android team shares that system images will remain available at the Android Things console. The platform for smart devices is expected to improve further and hopefully, be more commercialized than ever, at least, if we’re talking about smart displays and smart speakers. Other resources you can check on the topic include the Cloud IoT Core, Cloud IoT Edge, and Edge TPU development boards.

SOURCE: Android Developers Blog