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Happy Holidays! Is it too early? Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the last quarter of the year is definitely holiday season for everyone–wherever you are in the world. Apart from your smartphone and laptop, your Android tablet can be very helpful these times when things get crazier. It’s going to be busy, busy, busy for you and me but the Android team has introduced a number of new features and enhancements to the Android tablet system. All these changes are to help increase productivity especially when most of us are staying at home doing work or attending online classes.

The Android tablet gets improved multitasking. With the multi-window and split-screen modes, a tablet user can utilize a maximum of three mobile apps at the same time. It’s better on a larger tablet so you can do more at one.

Multitask by watching YouTube videos while checking your email or calendar. With multitasking, you can finish more tasks at the same. You can start planning for an intimate party right on your phone. Send out an invite while searching for supplies. Maybe you can start looking up for new recipes to try.

Make sure you still relax by watching a movie or two. Use the Google TV app and check what’s in the movie gallery. There are plenty of holiday classics to watch. You can also check out other games and mobile apps on the Play Store. There are over one million tablet-ready apps. These have been optimized for better preview and navigation on your tablet.

For the whole family, Google Play features “Teacher approved” apps the children can enjoy. Google Kids Space is for the inquisitive ones. YouTube Kids is a much safer environment. The Family Link app gives parents peace of mind as they are able to manage their kids’ use and experience of a device.

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This year may be difficult for most of us that are forced to stay at home but good thing there is the Internet. Social distancing is nothing when there is social networking. Google Duo can now connect up to 32 people for free. Take advantage of Family mode, screen sharing, and AR effects to make things fun and light.


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