Each year the Pwn2 Own hacking contest is held to see who can hack various browsers, software and OS’ the fastest. There are money award to those that are able to hack the software in some instances. In the latest edition of the content Google put in its Chrome browser and the Android OS to see if anyone could do the deed.

Google made it through the competition with no one reportedly able to hack Chrome or Android. The same can’t be said for the iPhone 4 with the browser on the iPhone falling and the smartphone being hacked during the contest as well. Along with Android, Windows Phone 7 survived the hack contest.

Exactly what hacks were used to gain control of the devices hasn’t been announced. The Google Chrome browser was running a chrome OS Cr-48 notebook when the hackers tried to break it. It’s nice to see the OS is secure despite all the malware that has been popping up in the Android Market lately.

[via ibtimes