Android Studio 64 bit

We don’t always mention Android Studio and Android Emulator but expect that when we do, important changes are on their way. The last Android Studio 3.3 rolled out with more focus on quality back in January while the Android Emulator received AMD support almost a year ago. During this time that Google is making last efforts to finalize Android Q, we’re hearing related upgrades and improvements. For one, the Studio and Emulator are moving to 64-bit versions now to sharpen product focus.

Android Studio with 64-bit OS has allowed more efficiency for the Android Emulator and IDE (integrated development environment). This is also made possible by Project Marble. The result is better and more convenient development experience for the devs and publishers.

Others may not observe the difference but those on Microsoft Windows 32-bit version will be affected. It is suggested necessary upgrades may be prepared for continuity.

The 32-bit support may be limited like feature updates will no longer be available. Some actions may be deprecated so don’t be surprised if you experience errors.

If you’re a developer, feel free to download stuff from the Android Studio web site. Product support will end by next year. You can still work on 32-bit but updates will not be provided. The product will also not be available for re-download.

The 64-bit development environment is encouraged because of several reasons. Definitely, testing on emulators, 64-bit app support, and performance will be improved. The experience will be faster and more flexible.

The Android team notes support for the 32-bit Android Studio will end by next year. You have at least a year to transition to 64-bit so we suggest you start migration as soon as possible.

Support for Android Studio IDE 3.6 and Android Emulator 28.0.25 will end on December 31, 2020. They will begin to deprecate from December 31, 2019 and Jun 30, 2019, respectively.