Considering a lot of things – Android Studio 2.1 was just in beta last month, and the major 2.0 update just arrived early April – it’s really cool that Android Studio 2.1 is not out in stable format for everybody to enjoy. It might not be bringing a lot of major new stuff like 2.0 did, but what it has is cool – the big one being support for Android N.

Android N – Google’s newest flavor of Android – now moves inevitably closer to final release, with two major updates to the developer preview so far. Android N, for those who have experienced it at least, is bringing with it some major features, as well as tons of new APIs. The new APIs will not really make sense if app developers don’t get to use them, so that’s where Android Studio 2.1 comes in.

Android Studio 2.1 brings support for the Android N Preview SDK, the ability to use the new Jack compiler, better Java 8 support, improvements to AS 2.0’s Instant Run feature, and a lot more. App developers now have plenty of time to get their apps to run correctly with Android N. The Jack compiler support is equally as great for some developers because as it allows them to use Lambda Expressions, as well as the new Android N APIs.

You can download the new version of the SDK directly from within the application’s navigation menu. Or you can get it from the official download page.

SOURCE: Google