comScore has delivered its market share report for November 2012, and unsurprisingly, Android finds itself at the top of the charts yet again. For the three month period ending in November 2012, Android’s market share grew to 53.7%, up 1.1 percentage points from the three month period ending August 2012. iOS was on the rise in that period too, gaining 0.7 percentage points over the period ending in November to settle at 35%.

This growth for iOS and Android, however small, came at the expense of RIM, Microsoft, and Symbian, all of which were down in the three month period ending November 2012. None of those companies have much further they can drop, with Symbian in particular now holding onto just 0.5% market share. Of course, an important thing to remember is that Windows Phone 8 had just been released when comScore collected its stats for November. Couple that with the fact that RIM is gearing up to launch BlackBerry 10 at the end of this month, and we might just see both companies begin to climb up the rankings in comScore’s next report.


Who was at the top of the list for mobile OEM market share? Samsung, yet again. The company experienced growth in the three month period ending in November 2012, climbing 1.2 percentage points to a 26.9% share. Apple was up too, enjoying 18.5% market share after gaining 1.4 percentage points. LG, Motorola, and HTC rank on the top five list as well, though unfortunately they all took a loss in overall market share during the period.


comScore says that 123.3 million people in the US owned smartphones at the end of the period, which means that smartphones have achieved 53% market penetration. 75.9% said they use their smartphones to send text messages to other phones, while using downloaded apps and using mobile browsers rounded out the top three in comScore’s mobile content usage chart with 54.2% and 52.1% respectively. If you’ve got a few minutes, be sure to read through comScore’s full report – it houses a lot of interesting data on the smartphone market.